I tested Mixed media products from Pebeo for you (EN)

Pour les francophones, nous nous retrouvons ici

Hello everyone,

I return today with good news ^^ During the month of September creavea.com contacted me in order to test mixed media products from Pebeo, of course, I said yes ^^. For those who do not know, this is a crafting website.

In addition to an absolutely huge amount of Pebeo’s products, Créavea kindly gave me a mold to make the dolls in clay and a loaf of cold porcelain from Fox. I will return later to present these two products, I really really love cold porcelain from Fox ^^

So that’s the content of the package : Pebeo mixed media products.


and the gifts


Thank creavea very much for your kindness !!

For a very longtime, I’d planned to create something which represents life under the sea. Here is the opportunity to make my idea go live.

I immediately flashed on the canvas pad (I do not know that kind of pad exists lol). I love the design of the block. The major advantage of this block is that if you make art journal and if you like the journal, simply peel it off the block, then glue the canvas on a rigid support (or frame it) and you have a real canvas to display in your living room or on your crafting corner ^^.


I also flashed on the Fantasy Prisme paints. Actually, I wanted to buy them for a long time because the rendering is really great, and of course after testing one of these paintings in the package I bought other colors xD like this almond green for my project.


My mermaid is made with the gifts that I showed you before 🙂 I’ll come back to you a little more details on this creation.

Let’s come back to Pebeo products, I also took black sand texture gel (from the package). I hadn’t never used before.

Then one of these painting knives.


I used (always from the parcel) three paints : two transparent Vitrail paints and one opaque paint.

vitrailBleu vitrailJaune vitrailJauneOpale

and 4 acrylic paints

acryliqueBlanc acryliqueGris acryliqueJaune acryliqueRouge

Let me show you what I did with them ^^

As I announced a little earlier, I really really love Fantasy Prisme paint. What is great about them is that the application is so easy, we only need to spread them, and nothing else, and rendering is sooooooo gorgeous. I’ll let you judge for yourself.

For my part, I painted my character in a box and closed my box once painted to avoid dust. I painted only with a toothpick (really simple).


I dropped the paint from the toothpick (who says you can not paint with a toothpick? ^^) I took the photo below as soon as I finished « paint » my mermaid.


I love watching the pearl (of the paint) moving, that changes the rendering every second, it’s mesmerizing. I stood, eyes glued to that effect.

The photo below was taken after about 10 minutes (when the pearl didn’t move anymore ^^):


The area surrounded by a black rectangle is the area with a thick layer of paint, blue for a middle layer, red for a thin layer

It takes 72 hours for the paint to dry, so be sure to protect your realization of dust during this time.

Tadammmmm, the result once the paint has dried :). My mermaid now has a pearly and bright cover. I love it!


During the drying time of my mermaid, I made algae from laminating plastic papers and Vitrail paints.

I did a mix (always stirring with a toothpick lol) from the blue and a yellow transparent Vitrail paints, I got a very dark green, then used a dropper to draw foliage.

I added yellow opaque Vitrail paint to this mix, and added to the foliage to obtain a mix of transparent – opacity that I love alot (Sorry for the photo quality, it isn’t obvious) .


When the foliage dried (8 hours after)


The mix of opacity and transparency gives an interesting effect (hope you see it)

Thereafter, I cut them and sticked them on my canvas, you will have some zooms later.

Be careful though, Fantasy Prisme paints, Vitrail paints have a very strong smell (so remember to open the doors as wide as you can lol, after use) and are not water-based. For cleaning, you need to odorless mineral spirits. Also remember to mix the paint (still gently ^^) not shaking the bottle (we do not prepare a mojito after all xD) but stirring with a stick of ice scream or a toothpick before using. Not really disavantages, but I always prefer to warn you to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Let’s return to my canvas. It is time to prepare the base. I took two pictures of the block canvas and glued with gel medium on a gray cardboard to make a painting of A3 (you can obviously use their calendars of past years ^^)


Then I played with gesso, modeling paste, stencils, a mix of Distress salty ocean ink and acrylic white paint from Pebeo. I let everything dry (do not forget, in mixed media, the most important step is drying).

Then I spread the gel texture black sand with a painting knife.


I wanted to create a kind of giant rock. I mixed the gel with gray acrylic paint from Pebeo, spread it, than spread again without mixing and by embedding several cogs (photo taken when the gel texture was still wet)


I did the same thing on the other side of the canvas. As you noticed, I drew the leaves with the rest of my mix Vitrail paints that I kept the canvas in a package (to keep away from dust). I really really love the black sand gel, it looks like the real magma when it’s dry (photo taken when everything is dry)


I reworked my rocks, always with gray acrylic paint from Pebeo. This painting is very pleasant to use. Using with a painting knife, I have a feeling spread soft butter on a slice of bread ^^

I reworked the entire canvas, adding color. Then glue the siren and some sea animals made ​​with cold porcelain from Fox.

Using a fine brush and carmine acrylic paint from Pebeo, I drew on my rocks a set of coral.

And finally, I simply added acrylic white paint from Pébéo for a final touch.

Place now some pictures of my canvas 🙂

  • Pébéo Prisme (the mermaid)



  • Pébéo Vitrail paints (seaweeds), Pébéo acrylic yellow paint (sea horses)


  • Pébéo acrylic paints (yellow + carmin for the seastar)


  • Pébéo black sand texture gel, Pébeo carmin et gray acrylic paints


Some details just for eye pleasures



And here’s the whole canvas on an easel, I call it Lumina (reminding me the song having the same name from BrunuhVille, which gave me the inspiration). Everything is glued to by gel medium and glossy accent ^^


The orther supplies are : modeling paste, yellow sand texture gel, Lumiarte pigments, white and black gessos, inks (Distress, Glimmer mists).

Hope that the canvas inspires you.

See you soon !


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